Asset Management

Our asset management module allows you to keep track of ‘things of value’ to your company.

Designed initially to provide a method of keeping track of personal protection equipment, the module rapidly expanded to include other items such as mobile phones and IT equipment. The module also allows you to store maintenance records and even asset disposal information.

However, the beauty of the module is that it’s not just limited to personal items. Over time, it has been developed to include tangible assets such as company vehicles, forklift trucks and items such as boilers and air-conditioning units, meaning people in various sectors can benefit from this module.

Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE)

The asset management module includes a section for staff PPE, something that is needed now more than ever before. It is now possible to record the type of equipment issued to each employee along with key information such as date of issue, size, cost, supplier and expiration date.

Managers have the opportunity to see an overview of PPE issued by using a new dashboard, and if an employee should leave, a list of ‘assets’ to be returned is available through a new option within the personnel module.



Ownership History

Assign assets to employees or list as site/building equipment, including date checked in/out.

Asset Status

Define if equipment been issued, if it is awaiting repair or even being disposed of.


There are no limits to the number of assets that can be stored, from site based equipment to items issued to staff.


Complete & secure document control storage from inspection certificates to warranty plans.

Maintenance Plans

Everything is covered, from warranty to extended maintenance plans, physical inspections and product recall.


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