What can your Connected Cloud platform offer?

ActIn Time Connected is a cloud workforce management system. The Connected software allows users to manage their workforce by viewing key information from any location.

ActIn Time Connected comes with its own Personnel module, it acts as a simple HR feature that allows users to store and view employee information in one central location. Permissions can be set within the system to allow certain users to have access to the information and restrictions can applied to others. Reports can be generated on personnel records making it easy to view contact information, training qualifications, employee history and much more.
Absence Management
ActIn Time Connected Absence Management provides a calendar view of an employee's absences. Users have the option to manage absences in various ways. Users can give the employees responsibility when it comes to booking absences via the 'book an absence' section in the employee app. Requests then get sent to the users account accompanied by an email notification to authorise that absence request. Alternatively, users can book absences on the employees' behalf or optimise both ways at the same time!
The ActIn Time Connected Attendance module involves a comprehensive platform for shift calculations and analysis. The platform is developed to support unlimited period schedules whether that be standard shifts, flexitime or rotating shifts. ActIn Time Connected supports multiple bookings in a day allowing you to give employees the responsibility to clock in and out for breaks. Furthermore, ActIn Time Connected supports various overtime calculations which can be authorised by users. During the implementation stage of your ActIn Time Connected system, our projects team will work with you to ensure all your requirements/rules are implemented for a smooth working system.
Rostering and staff scheduling are essential tools for a number of business sectors such as hospitality, care and recruitment. These would all benefit from our new Rostering Add On. This brilliant tool allows you to build rotas with ease, to ensure you’re covering the right areas with the correct employee levels and skill sets. While building your rotas, you can check you’re keeping within budget by seeing your actual totals and costs along the way.
Reports & Exports
ActIn Time Connected has an extensive reporting module that allows users to create reports from different templates on various areas. Reports are generated from the user's software data and can be built from attendance, absences, HR and more.
Employee Self Service (PWA)
The self-service app enables employees to access various features, such as remote clocking or absence booking, from any web browser whether that be on a laptop, phone or tablet.
Job Costing
ActIn Time Connected allows you to manage all your client jobs accurately and efficiently. Employees can book time against their allocated jobs, upload images and get a digital signature of completed jobs all directly in the web app. Streamline your job management and track costs from anywhere in the world with the Cloud Job Tracking add-on.
Cost Centre
At ActIn Time, we know the importance of budgeting and keeping track of your costs in various departments and sectors of your business. This is why we have incorporated Cost Centre Management into ActIn Time Connected. Your employees can clock on/off the different Cost Centers they are working in, allowing the system to calculate their hourly rate based on the role that they’re working. Managers then have the ability to report on this to track and budget company costs effectively and accurately.
Temperature Monitoring
Compatible with our ZSpeedFace and ZPro ATFace Range, ActIn Time Connected allows you to monitor your employee’s temperature simply and effectively. Identify employees who aren’t wearing a face mask and Contact Tracing to protect against spreading viruses.
Visitor Management
ActIn Time Connected has an advanced visitor management module that allows users to schedule visits or record walk-ins. Visitors can be notified via email of their scheduled meeting accompanied by a Google Maps location, date and time along with the ability to add the visit to their calendar. Visitors will also be provided with a QR Code in the email to scan upon arrival. If the visitor doesn’t have a scheduled meeting then they can manually check-in via tablet. Questionnaires can be provided; T&C’s can be accepted or signed and a picture can be requested for security and roll call safety.
Asset Management
ActIn Time Connected has the ability to help you track assets and equipment within your company, such as PPE, mobile phones, laptops, uniforms and much more, it’s completely customizable. This useful module ensures that all your employees have been issued the correct equipment and keeps you informed of any assets that need to be retrieved if an employee leaves. You can also store supplier information and get notifications when an asset requires a service, is nearing the end of its life and many other notifications to keep you informed as needed.
Document Management
Upload documents against the employee, company or specific grouping to appear in the PWA Employee App and store in the Connected Software. Employees can read, accept and sign against documents within the PWA Employee App.
Shift Requesting
Employees can request to drop a shift, swap a shift or pick up extra shifts via the PWA Employee App. All functions can enforce user approval before adjustments are made.
Give users the ability to message staff using the messaging module. Users can send out messages to either groups of employees (Departments, Sites, Regions etc.) or individuals. Employees can access the messages via the Employee PWA and will be given the option to read, accept and sign off depending on what actions the user requests within the message. This is a fantastic way to interact with employees.
Forms enable users to create documents that staff members may fill out and submit. Examples include training, job and visitor forms.

Customisation & Open API Integrations

ActIn Time Connected is a customisable platform that can have bespoke features developed in order to tailor the software to your specific business needs.


• Import data into ActIn Time Connected with ease with our bespoke data import formats, e.g. text files, Excel files, SQL Server database, Access databases.

• Ability to customise both the display and function of the Web App.

• Two-Factor Authentication can be utilised for users logging into the main Connected software. 

• Connected has integrated with various existing software systems for HR, payroll and more.

Paid Annual Leave – Look at specific absence categories to manage leave days in period

Worked – Set a maximum amount employees can work within each policy

Rest Period – Daily or Weekly Periods

Night Worker – Set reference period for Night Shifts

GDPR & Working Time Regulation

ActIn Time Connected can help you manage you employees working hours in line with the Working Time Regulations enforced by the government. By using our simple features, we can assist you in maintaining a healthy work/life balance for your employees while also adhering to government legislation.

In addition this will allow you to uphold the Health and Safety procedures of your company and ensure a healthy workforce to reduce the number of sick days your employees have and maintain the efficiency throughout the business.

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