Payroll Export

Your Time and Attendance product provides all the information you need to process your payroll

ActIn Time is designed to make payroll easier, simpler and much more accurate.

It reads the data from your Time and Attendance system and then transfers it straight into a choice of payroll programs such as Sage, Pegasus etc.

The payroll export is a simple, but powerful, bridge between your Time and Attendance software and your Payroll package.

Every company has a deadline for running the payroll, yet how many times has the deadline been delayed due to line-managers failing to approve overtime? It’s something that happens to us all, but with our system, we can prevent this from occuring.

ActIn Time includes a ‘payroll reminder’ to-do list item. Set by the ActIn Time administrator, this feature provides an hourly countdown reminder of the oncoming payroll deadline.

Once the ActIn Time payroll link has passed the hours worked to the company payroll, the agenda item changes and highlights the date and time of the successful payroll transfer.

By default, ActIn Time has a direct ODBC integration in to the Sage payroll system. However, this can be changed to integrate with other payroll software like:



Sage Development Partner

ActIn Time is part of the Sage Developers’ Programme and offers a True Built-in ODBC Sage Payroll link.

True ODBC Link

With a true ODBC link you can rely 100% on data being transferred correctly in to Sage based on setup and data within ActIn Time.

3-Click Transfer

In as little as 3-clicks you can have all your hours transferred over in to Sage Payroll for all your employees! It’s as simple as that!

3rd Party Integration

With ActIn Times extensive customisation capability, linking to another 3rd Party Payroll system is no problem at all.

Default Setup

The Sage link is designed to be ‘Set & Forget’ making your transfers easier and simpler.

Drag ‘n’ Drop Rates

Once connected to Sage, all you need to do is simply drag and drop a rate from ActIn Time which corresponds with the correct rate in Sage.

Payroll Policy

Need to transfer to different companies in Sage? Simply set up a new policy in ActIn Time with the correct details and you’re on your way!


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