Home Working with ActIn Time Remotely

Home Working with ActIn Time Remotely

If you are using ActIn Time away from your office, there are several steps your IT department can take to ensure that your ‘home working’ experience is smooth, trouble free and more importantly – fast!

Please see some ideas below on the best ways to do this:

Suggestion #1
Remote Control Applications

There are several applications available to a company which enable a user to connect directly on to a PC or server from anywhere in the world.

As you may be aware, ActIn Time Support use an application called TeamViewer which allows us to control a customer’s PC when faulting finding. The same application is perfect for remote working!

Please note that this type of software is usually licenced, based on concurrent users. Although this may be a short-term expense, it is an extremely reliable and easy to use solution.

Here is a list of recommended remote control applications:

  • TeamViewer
  • Glance
  • Anydesk
Example 1.1

In the example, we’ll use TeamViewer.
It is as simple as double clicking on the PC you wish to gain access to and entering the password required for that PC. In this example, I can link to Charlotte’s PC easily from my own home!

Suggestion #2
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

The far more safe and secure method of connecting to your business network is to enable RDP from home. This will involve some help from your IT team, but it means you can connect directly on to your PC in the office and work on ActIn Time at exactly the same speed as you would normaly!

How you set up the RDP does depend on your IT regulations.

If we use ourselves as an example (ActIn Time), we assigned fixed public IP addresses to our various work PC’s, which was then forwarded on via our router to the PC itself. This means that we can simply type in a public IP address, enter the login details and we are now on our work PC.

IT may also want to have users RDP on to a terminal server, rather than just the office PC however that will incur license charges from Microsoft for concurrent users.


Other IT may require the use of a VPN, however if they require you to use a VPN there is a good chance, they have a recommended VPN software to use and a procedure to follow. Then once the VPN is installed, you can just RDP to your works station using the RDP example above.

All in all, this is by far our most recommended set up

NOT Recommended
VPN and Local ActIn Time Install

We highly suggest that the following method is NOT used, as you will by FAR experience the slowest ActIn Time speed possible during
this time.

IT may want to create a VPN using a method they know, which enables your laptop/PC to connect to your office PC. However, they will leave the installation of ActIn Time as a local installation. This will leave ActIn Time incredibly slow and we cannot stress enough that we do not suggest this configuration unless you accept that ActIn Time will be slow!

The reason for this is that this method is slow, is say for example you are editing an employee. The moment you click the edit button, you are not just transmitting that edit command from your office PC to your office server which is all contained in your works network.

You are transmitting that command over the World Wide Web, before it reaches your ActIn Time server (then it needs to go back again). So, for that one small edit you are trying to do, you are transmitting data thousands of miles around the world, rather than the small distance it normally does in the office

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