In today’s modern society, work is no longer based in the office. ActIn Time Mobile Worker empowers your employees to clock IN & OUT in Real Time from their mobile devices, keeping the line of communication open on the move.

Why ActIn Time Mobile?

Real Time Tracking

Monitor the exact location of your employee's clockings with GPS location

Automatic Synchronisation

On re-establishing an internet connection for future clockings

Automatic Data Submission

On submission of a clocking, it will automatically be sent to the ActIn Time software ready for calculation

Historic Attendance Log

See a running log of all previously submitted clocking times from the app

24/7 Clocking

Clock IN & OUT any time of the day even when there is no GPRS signal

Comments Box

Store extra bits of information which could be used for general or static notes i.e. Vehicle registration

Static Note Field

Store bits of information within this field so it always gets submitted when a clocking has been made.

"A business relationship spanning over 20 years, from mechanical machines to a software solution for multiple sites, I can honestly say that the service and professionalism has been 1st class. We have certainly had value for money because the equipment is so efficient and reliable, which has helped us streamline our payroll procedures to enable us to concentrate on our core business."
David Howard
Managing Director