Why not tailor the software to your needs?

ActIn Time’s major strength is its customisation ability – there are no other products in the same market sector that offer such a high level of personalisation.

ActIn Time software can be customised to bring endless possibilities.

ActIn Time is an ‘off the shelf’ product that has scripting tools available enabling us to provide bespoke solutions to meet individual client’s needs. From 3rd party software linking to bespoke reports, exports & dashboards. Our technical team are on hand to assist with providing a comprehensive specification, pricing & scope of works ensuring smooth & efficient implementation.

Examples of bespoke work:

    • Linking to 3rd party ERP systems to export/import time & attendance data.
    • Output absence information to HR software.
    • Import new employees into ActIn Time to prevent duplicate entries that have been entered into 3rd party software.
    • Import/export rostering information.
    • Bespoke ‘To Do List Reminder’.
    • Complex none standard shift permutations.
    • Customised CSV output compatible for specific payroll packages.


Fully Bespokeable

Pretty much every single module within the software can be bespoked and tailored to how you and your company work making ActIn Time a truelly dynamic workforce management solution.

BuiltIn VB Debugger

The BuiltIn VB Debugger allows you to create as well as amend existing scripts within the software to work how you want it to.

Report Designer

Utilizing the BuiltIn Report Designer allows you to tweak and even create your own Crystal Reports specifically for ActIn Time.


The scripting feature allows the system, or a particular module, to calculate / act / react in any way shape or form.

Interested in the Customisation Module?

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