Our reporting system’s main strength is its ability to customise whatever you need

There are no other products in the same market sector that offer such a high level of personalisation such as our system. The Report module provides over 160 clear and concise user editable reports, forms and graphs as standard.

The Export module provides an easy way to pass raw ActIn Time data to an external application such as Microsoft Excel for further data mining or to simply develop an ad-hoc report.

Implementing a sophisticated workforce management system will undoubtedly improve how your business functions

ActIn Time customisation points appear throughout the package and, along with the ActIn Time SmartBooking® technology, provide the development team the facility to create unique solutions.


The addition of a flexible reporting module will enable the information generated by the system to be shared with a wider audience.

Most “off the shelf” software packages are governed by restrictions and can be frustrating. However, our package can cover 98% of customers’ requirements that you simply don’t get with anything else.


For the remaining 2% of customers, we have enabled the ActIn Time software to be customised, which brings endless possibilities:

For further information about ActIn Time reporting system, please contact the ActIn Time team to arrange an appointment.



Fully Bespokeable

Pretty much every single module within the software can be bespoked and tailored to how you and your company work making ActIn Time a truelly dynamic workforce management solution.

Report Designer

Utilizing the BuiltIn Report Designer allows you to tweak and even create your own Crystal Reports specifically for ActIn Time.


With over 200+ standard Reports, ActIn Time gives you full control of getting out all the information you need.


The Dashboard is a unique reporting feature which gives you a live report on any aspect of system you wish to interrogate.


Whether it be an Excel or CSV export, the software has 35+ default exports you can use. Standard Exports not quite giving you what you want? Not a problem, you can easily design your own!


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