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HR Systems

ActIn Time provides a comprehensive personnel suite in one central location ready to store all your staff records.

Would you like quick easy access and pop up alerts to scheduled tasks which help you maintain accurate and healthy records? 

Look no further than “ActIn Time HR”

Personnel Employment

Easily store all sorts of crucial information relating to an employee's current and past job roles.

Next of Kin

Maintain accurate and up-to-date employment records and contact details (including details of who to contact in the event of an emergency)

Training & Qualification Matrix

Enable HR to view an employee’s skills matrix to help identify required & recommended qualifications with expiry reminders.

Asset Management

Store PPE, workwear and company property that is assigned to employees along with service, inspection, disposal & renewal information.

ActIn Time sets the standard for all integrated Human Resource packages.

Interactive hyperlinks, real-time proactive reminders on the To-Do List and a plethora of reports, exports and live dashboards flagging issues for the day, week, month and year ensures information is available at your fingertips.

ActIn Time covers all aspects of HR such as:


Asset Management

Absence Management

Personnel Document Storage


Training & Qualifications

(incl. Training Matrix)

Worried about data protection?

Definable user accounts, controlled by YOU, provide the ability to store a wide variety of information with complete peace of mind.

Automated System Health information generated in the event of failure ensures hardware issues are detected and diagnosed quickly & efficiently.


Store essential contact information per employee, such as address, telephone & Email details, including next of kin, and much more.
Employment / Job Specification
An employee’s complete history can be held from the initial probationary period, right the way through to permanent employment, promotion and termination.
Health & Medical information

Maintain important medical records relating to an employee’s health. This includes Doctor’s details, disability information and, medication details.


Hold appraisal history & documentation, set review dates and reminders.

Pension Details

An employee’s pension provider, number and address/contact details along with date of entry and voluntary contributions can be stored.

Union Details

This section can contain union contact details if required.

Mobile Worker Policy

Assigning an employee to a mobile worker policy identifies staff that can utilise the mobile app to clock in/out.


Categorise and save accident information relating to individual employees, including date & time, personnel overseeing the incident and any remedial action taken. 

HR To Do List Reminders

The To Do List can be configured per user account as to who gets what reminder & when. Reminders include information relating to probation, employment termination, qualifications, disciplinary, accidents & medical reviews plus many more.

Groupings / Filters

Up to 10 Groupings provide the ability to filter permission policies and reports. Grouping employees can also help to ensure that not too many individuals in the same department, & skill set, are booked off on holidays at the same time.

Training & Qualification Matrix

This section enables HR to view an employee’s skills matrix to help identify required & recommended qualifications with expiry reminders.

Right to Work

The Right to Work feature is both simple and effective, designed to help protect your business when employing foreign workers, with shortcuts to relevant government websites.

Absence Entitlement

The system provides several off the shelf Absence & Holiday entitlement policies, however, bespoke/scripted solutions can be designed, if required, to incorporate the most complicated entitlement structures, which can be set up to be in either days or hours and minutes.


Store and categorise all important employee documents in our secure SQL database. Documents can be copied from an existing folder or scanned directly into the system. Existing categories include employment, qualifications, achievements, disciplinary, accidents & health amongst several others.

Bank Details

Save employee’s bank details including address, contact details, account number & sort code.

Interview Information

Interview information is overlooked by many other systems, you can store key information from an employee’s interview such as CV’s, references etc. 

Vehicle Information

Set driver license reviews, record endorsement information along with the relevant documentation.

Training & Qualification
Multiple qualifications can be stored against an employee record including start date, expiry date, course provider etc. Qualifications can be assigned individually or on-mass. Certificates can also be scanned directly into the database. Core qualification policies can be stored associated per job title acquired forming the basis of a full training matrix.
Disclosure & Barring Service

A compact yet concise feature with convenient hyperlinks to relative government websites ensuring all necessary checks have been made to protect the vulnerable.


The disciplinary references can be renamed and/or created to coincide with your company procedures. Probationary reviews can be displayed ensuring that appropriate action is taken when needed.

Asset Management

Store PPE, workwear and company property that is assigned to employees along with service, inspection, disposal & renewal information.

Working Time Directive

Identify if an employee is opted in, out or exempt along with opt out commencement and review dates.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Policy

An ESS policy will identify which sections of the web application an employee can access. This includes the ability to clock in/out, view their timesheet and rota. The policy also defines whether an employee can request and view their absences & entitlement.


Good, bad & neutral customer feedback can be held against individuals record as and when required.

User Definable Fields

Last but not least, there is a built in User Definable Field feature which you can configure yourself just in case there is something we have forgotten that you wish to record.

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