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We implemented the ActIn Time system after a bad experience using fingerprint terminals from another supplier and it’s been an absolute revelation. We have over 500 staff using 10 of ActIn Time’s Suprema FaceStation 2 Terminals, installed across multiple sites and they have worked perfectly from the start. Their experienced engineers worked with us every step of the way throughout the installation process and provided excellent training, all of which made for a smooth and easy transition into using ActIn Time for all our employees. We look forward to expanding our use of the system across all sites in the UK and abroad.

Paul Timmins
Group Director – Euro Packaging UK Ltd

ActIn Time 2019

10 x Suprema Facestation 2

3 x A9-1610 Fire Alarm Monitor

ActIn Time Mobile App

500+ Employees

We have been using Actin Time for attendance/absence management for many years now. Our experience with the support and software has been exceptional and has saved us countless hours of admin work over the many years of use. We look forward to developing new systems with Wisegrove in the years to come.

Neil George

Platform Developer – Lewis Pies Ltd

ActIn Time 2017

3 x ZIFACE VF380

100+ Employees

We purchased multiple basic models for various sites and a PC Linked system over 20 years and can honestly say that the service and professionalism has been 1st class. We have certainly had value for money because the equipment is so reliable.

David Howard

Director – D W Mouldings

ActIn Time Lite 2020

1 x A9-3150 Prox Office Terminal

70+ Employees

Since replacing our old system for the ActIn Time package it has been a breath of fresh air, the Employee and Manager Self Service web portal have now replaced our manual records. Support desk has got lots of patience and is very helpful.

Justyna Thanassoulas

Resource Planning and Quality Manager – Air Bearings Ltd

ActIn Time 2018

2 x A9-1010 Access Control

2 x A9-3150 Prox Office Terminal

70+ Employees

AW Precision took the decision to use the ActIn Time product to further enhance its HR Management of our production personnel.

The system allows us to better manage our peak and flow times of manufacture while ensuring all elements of the time and attendance requirements are adhered too including the WTR and rest periods are closely managed. I can access the system remotely from the office and quickly see how is on site and not and in the event of a fire roll call the information can be extracted quickly and accurately.

If you need immediate oversight of your workforce this is the system for you, clear concise and accurate

Andy Whitworth

Business Development Manager – AW Precision Ltd

ActIn Time Lite 2018

2 x A9-7610 Prox Office Touchscreen Terminal

Integrated Sage Link

100+ Employees

We currently required a system upgrade to our existing Actin Time Management system along with a comprehensive workshop for all managers due to a gap in our knowledge with the earlier version. The installation was thorough and quick, whilst the workshop was fun, informative and helped us utilise the system to our company needs, and gave all managers the confidence to go forward and use the system to its full potential.

James Evans

Customer Services Manager – Neatcrown Corwen

ActIn Time 2017

1 x A9-5150 Bio Office Terminal

60+ Employees

Wisegrove have recently installed Actin Time for our organisation, in order for us to efficiently and accurately and reliably manage the personnel and time records for our 40 staff. The installation process was straightforward, the engineer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and the ongoing support from Wisegrove is excellent. I would recommend Wisegrove and the Actin Time software for organisations of all sizes.

Daniel Thompson

Director – Allied Filter Systems

ActIn Time 2018

1 x A9-7610 Prox Office Touchscreen Terminal

40+ Employees