The PWA (Employee App)

When using Connected, why not add the Employee App?

The PWA is a fully customisable web application that can be accessed on various devices. With more than 14 functions, there is limitless flexibility to speed up time-consuming business procedures and ultimately save you time.


App Features Included

Web App Allowing For Access On Multiple Devices
Customisable Platform


As standard, the app enables employees to clock in & out, request leave, view entitlement, check rosters,  view timesheets and more. Additional functions such as document management can be implemented straight away or further down the line.

Remote Clocking
The app supports off-site attendance bookings where the user simply clicks a button when they start or stop work. There is a notepad feature for the user to provide more details about the booking.
Timesheets for various periods are visible to users. Users can view a breakdown of each period that includes information about their shift, overall hours worked, pay, etc.
Absence Requesting
Request absences through the employee app. Once a request is submitted, it will feedback into ActIn Time Connected for users to approve/decline the request. Once a decision has been made, this will be sent to the employee to inform them of the users decision.
View Entitlement
View a breakdown of entitlement. This includes the history of requests and their status' (approved, declined, awaiting decision) Users can also view their remaining entitlement & any carry over.
View Your Profile
Users can view their own personal information such as NI code or Passport number. Once this is updated, it will transfer the relevant information into ActIn Time Connected, without any need for management to update information for the user. Other information can be amended in this section as well such as contact details, employment records and Next of Kin information.
View Your Training Records
Users can see the training records that they currently hold accompanied by additional information on that record such as the completion date, if a certificate was received and it’s expiry. Any qualification that has been populated in Connected to the users’ job role will populate in this section as well. Users can then see what qualifications are required or recommended for their role.
Accident Forms
Users can upload information on accidents and incidents into the app. Users can be assigned a personal obligation to upload any issues, which eliminates management's administrative responsibility to handle this on behalf of the staff. Returned documents will be sent to ActIn Time Connected for approval or rejection.
Job Costing
Users can view jobs that management has assigned them. In this section, jobs status' can be viewed (In progress, Not started, Paused, Completed)All active jobs will be available for preview in this section and can be filtered using the search bar.Once assigned a job, the user can view tasks, upload pictures, take notes and record parts.
Document Management
Upload documents against the employee, company or specific grouping such as department. Read/Accept/Sign ability on documents within the Employee App and multiple uploading formats (Video, PDF, Audio etc.) Get Notifications for employees who have & haven’t Read/Accepted/Signed the document.
Manager Calendar
The manager calendar allows users to log in to the app and see a calendar overview for their employees. Users can view scheduled shifts & absences on the go.
Give users the ability to message staff using the messaging module. Users can send out messages to either groups of employees (Departments, Sites, Regions etc.) or individuals. Employees can access the messages via the Employee PWA & will be given the option to read, accept & sign off depending on what actions the user requests within the message. This is a fantastic way to interact with employees.
View Your Roster
Users can view their roster within the employee app. If a manager updates the roster, the change is reflected instantly within the employee app.
Shift Requests
Employees can request to drop a shift, swap a shift or pick up extra shifts via the PWA Employee App. All functions can enforce user approval before adjustments are made.
Who's Off?
Users have the ability to view who's having time off within a date range of choice. This can optimise the approving/declining holiday process. Connected admins can choose whether to keep the names displayed or turn the names of employees off (for GDPR purposes). Accompanied with the names are the reasons why they are taking time off (This can also be switched off).

Android 8+

Google Chrome

IOS 10+


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