Registering Sage DLL's

Registering Sage DLL's

Periodically, Sage will release a version that will affect the integration between ActIn Time and Sage Payroll. You will need a set of files to be registered on each of the PC’s that will be transferring any data between the 2 systems.

This guide will show you how to get back up and running after a Sage update has been released.

Please note, not all Sage Payroll updates will break the link. It is generally the annual (or major versions) that affect this. E.g. v25.xx.xx > v26.xx.xx



Time Duration

Between 2 ~ 5 minutes per client

What will I need?

  • Updated Sage DLL’s
  • IT on hand dependant on User Account permissions

1) Download the files

You can download the latest version of the files from here.

Once downloaded, save/move the Zip folder to your desktop.

This file usually consists of: PaySdoxxx.dll, PaySdoxxx.lib, PaySDOUIxxx.dll & PaySDOUIxxx.lib 


(Sage Accounts

2) Close Applications Down

Make sure you have closed ActIn Time and Sage Payroll down on your local PC. 

Ideally, you need to make sure that the account, that ActIn Time is using for the Sage Link integration, is not being logged in to Sage Payroll on any other PC’s as well.

3) Move the files to the Sage Folder

Open up the zip folder you downloaded earlier, and then browse to the location of your Sage Payroll installation.

This path is usually:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage Payroll

You will then need to copy all 4 files (mentioned in Step 1) from your downloaded Zip folder and paste them directly in to the root of the Sage Payroll folder. 

4) Register the DLL's

Go to Windows Start and type ‘CMD‘. 

Find the Command Prompt in the list and Right-click, Run as Administrator.

Once in the Command Prompt, type the below and press ‘Enter‘:

> cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage Payroll

This path is local to where the Sage Payroll installation is on your PC. If you have installed Sage Accounts to a different folder, then you need to put in the correct path instead.

You will then need to type the following in:

> regsvr32 Paysdoxxx.dll
(xxx being the version of DLL you copied over earlier)

You should receive a confirmation prompt to say that this was successful.

You may need help from IT when going through this step depending on what permissions your Windows User Account has.

5) Test the Link

Now start ActIn Time up and log in as you usually would, and go to File > Sage Payroll. Select your Payroll option and hit Transfer.


CMD as Administrator

You need to make sure that the Command Prompt is being run as an Administrator. You can tell if the Command Prompt has elevated permissions as it will tell you in the  Command Prompts title bar.

  • Make sure the Sage User Account that ActIn Time has been set to use, is not logged in anywhere else.

To check what account has been set to be used, in ActIn Time go to Advanced > Payroll > Sage Policy. Under the Account section, you will see the User Account field.


  • You can also double check to to make sure the Map Rates section is filled in correctly.

To check what account has been set to be used, in ActIn Time go to Advanced > Payroll > Sage Policy. Under the Map Rates section, you should see both ActIn Time and Sage rates within their filled in. If you do not see the Sage Rates, the link is still not working.

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