Influence Social Distancing – Part 5 – Government Guidelines

Influence Social Distancing – Part 5 – Government Guidelines to encourage the switch to more Hygienic Non-Contact solutions

Non-contact face detection for access

The Government have announced that companies should re-evaluate their internal infrastructures to keep their workforce safe by replacing the use of physical hardware that requires the employees to touch. 

This manual method can easily be swapped for a Non- Contact solution which is why we have been inundated by many of our clients for assistance.

There are many affordable ways in which companies can comply or assist in coping with social distancing measures more easily.

Attendance clocking terminals…

  • Keypad
    Convert to Proximity and give staff members their own individual card/fob or even move to facial biometrics for Non-Contact compliance per staff member.
  • Finger Biometrics
    Replace with non-contact facial recognition terminals which are more hygienic, in most cases 4 x faster for registration, more reliable, less fuss and more appealing and welcomed by users.
  • Face
    Most popular solution by far over the last few years for companies wanting a speedy, non fuss, biometric solution to stop “Buddy Punching”.  With the emphasis on Speed, this technology will undoubtedly reduce queues at the clocking point to help with the 2 metre social distance ruling.

Influence Social Distancing

Access Control – Doors, Turnstiles, Barriers, Gates…

  • Card Reader IN and Press to Exit Button OUT
    Replace the press to exit button with an additional card reader.  All access panels have this option at no extra charge which gives you the added benefit of recording flow of traffic in the event of a security breach or better detect who was in what area and when in case of an incident.
  • Press to Exit Button
    Replace with a non-contact Exit button, this in many cases can work out more money than adding an additional card reader with much less benefits but still a good option.
  • Automatic door sensors
    Your manual door pull handles can be replaced with an automated door opening system.  Upon a valid entry/exit request the access panel will send a command to open the doors automatically so that your workforce don’t have to touch door handles, making the workplace a more hygienic environment.
  • Face
    Replace other solutions with the more advanced Non-Contact Face option for either side of the doors.

Time Sheets, Payroll, Biometrics, Absence Management, Access Security, Staggered shift patterns, Mobile working, HR, GDPR, Fire Roll Call…

ActIn Time is packed full of features to cover all aspects of Workforce Management and we are delighted to say that we have helped dozens of companies during the Covid-19 pandemic in utilising some of these exciting features to help maintain accurate staff records.

With more flexible emphasis on working hours, absence accruals, social distancing etc. it is more of a necessity than luxury these days, so it is important to get the most out of your investment and utilise the features to your advantage.

Our aim as always, is to help our customers as much as possible so please feel free to contact us to discuss any requirements or worries that you may have and we will do our best to assist you in any way that we can.

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