NEW - Non-Contact Temperature/Fever Detection Range

NEW - Non-Contact Temperature/Fever Detection Range

Encourage Social Distancing – Government Guidelines to provide alternatives for touch-based security devices to more Hygienic Non-Contact solutions.

Exciting News – we have added new models to our range to help companies comply with the announcement of the new Government guidelines, enforcing companies to re-evaluate their internal infrastructures and keep their workforce safe.

There are many affordable ways in which companies can comply or assist in coping with social distancing measures more easily, click here for more information

ZSpeedFace ATV5L[TD]

Facial Recognition Terminal for Time & Attendance, Access, Visitors etc.

  • Temperature/Fever Detection
  • With/Without Face Mask Detection
  • Automatic High Temperature Alert at device & automatic Email notification to Line Managers
  • Visitor Temperature testing
  • Link to Doors, no entry for high temperature reading for added security/protection
  • Multi Biometric devices for Face, Finger, Palm, Card, Fob


Touchless Body Temperature Measurement

  • Temperature check-point.
  • Suitable for all businesses to monitor Visitors, Contractors, Customers etc.
  • Lightweight portable device, no installation required
  • Relay to open door, gate…
  • LED RED/GREEN clear visual
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Pass count and Alarm count
  • Touchless
  • Save time & resources when monitoring groups of people.

Please see the video below to see these units in use or visit our website for more details.

Another simple but effective change to keep people safe…

Now would be a great time to reduce the queue of people around your company’s attendance points by slightly modifying people’s start and finish times.

Under your instruction, the ActIn Time support team can temporarily modify your company work patterns during this time of crisis to assist with social distancing.

For example, we could extend your 6am to 2pm shift to include 6:05am to 2:05pm and 6:10am to 2:10pm patterns. We could then split your shift workers into teams and allocate them to the updated patterns.

Standalone Temperature Screening Kiosk

You can still implement temperature screening for staff, visitors and contractors, even if the unit is not linked to any time management solution. ActIn Time offers a range of standalone temperature kiosks
  • 8″ screen with camera
  • Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.5 degrees
  • WiFi Enabled
  • LED Traffic System
  • Steel base plate and aluminium pedestal

Freestanding Temperature Hand Sanitiser with Digital Display

  • 32” Hand Sanitiser with Digital Smart Display
  • Body Temperature measurement
  • Promote and advertise your company messages, videos, news feeds etc.
  • Slim Design with large LCD screen
  • Auto dispenser hand sanitiser
  • Wall or Floor standing
  • Wireless water Alarm
  • Metal or plastic designs

If you are interested in any of these features or would like to discuss further how ActIn Time can assist you and your employees in returning to work in a safe environment, please contact us on 020 8882 4522 or email

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