COVID-19 Operational Status Update

COVID-19 - How ActIn Time Can Help You

NEW – Non-Contact
Temperature/Fever Detection Range

Encourage Social Distancing – Government Guidelines to provide alternatives for touch-based security devices to more Hygienic Non-Contact solutions.

Exciting News – we have added new models to our range to help companies comply with the announcement of the new Government guidelines, enforcing companies to re-evaluate their internal infrastructures and keep their workforce safe.There are many affordable ways in which companies can comply or assist in coping with social distancing measures more easily, click here for more information:
Wisegrove Ltd (ActIn Time) has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and following the Government’s guidance in setting out its own business continuity plans. In these uncertain times, everything can feel overwhelming, our priority is to safeguard our staff, our customers and clients, and to ensure we can continue to deliver our services uninterrupted through this difficult period. Regular guidance continues to be provided to our employees to keep them safe and active.

Here for you

We appreciate that we provide a critical service to many companies relying on us for their payroll calculations, security, absence management, HR etc., which is why we have implemented our well prepared plans. Our investment in technology enables most staff to access our systems from home to ensure that our services remain operational with excellent IT support, although response and turnaround times may be affected.

Keeping you informed

We will continue to keep you updated as best as we can in the coming weeks so please provide us any other contacts you wish us to advise on these bulletins. Where possible, we will be converting any unnecessary site visits, installations, training etc. to remote sessions to help us do our bit to minimize the spread of the disease.

We know the next few weeks and months will be anything but easy but by supporting each other and pulling together, we believe we’ll get through it.

A number of companies have been in contact with us to find new ways to help fight this breakout but still manage their staff effectively, especially with the changes businesses are having to make to adapt to non-contact clocking and working from home.

Seven ideas on how we can help:

  • Non-contact clocking – We have wide range of face recognition terminals allowing you to continue using biometrics without the worry of all your staff using their fingers/hands.
  • RFID Non-Contact – Contactless cards/fobs instead of finger biometrics for extra hygiene.
  • Absence Management – With so many employees requiring emergency leave for sickness, etc. at this time, it’s never been more important to track your absences accurately, there’s a wide range of features in ActIn time to help you achieve that
  • FREE Mobile Worker* – With so many staff working from home attendance management can be difficult, by introducing the Mobile Worker app you give your staff the ability to clock from their phone with GPRS location stamping
  • FREE SAGE Payroll Linking* – With so many companies operating with minimal staff at this time it’s important to make all our daily tasks as easy as possible. With ActIn Time Payroll Linking, employee’s hours, holiday, etc. can be transferred into your Payroll software at the click of a button, saving many hours of manual entry
  • ESS & TWC (Employee/Supervisor Self Service) – Absence Management is made even easier with ActIn Time’s ESS (Employee Self Service) feature, this allows employees to view their entitlements, see who’s already off and request holidays from anywhere on a PC, phone or tablet. The TWC (Supervisor Self-Service) allows Managers/Supervisors to use ActIn Time features from home to approve hours, holidays, see who’s clocked in/out, plus much more
  • Health & Safety – Access Control & Fire Roll Call – Restrict and monitor access points with social distancing for companies operating a closed door policy. Automated Fire Roll Call Email Alerts to managers working from home to show whose left onsite and help the to assist limited staff in an emergency

Most importantly ActIn Time wishes all our clients the very best, hoping everyone stays safe and well!

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    Wisegrove Ltd. T/A ActIn Time.

*For non-licensed customers for 6 months only, customers must be on a compatible version to utilise this.

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